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Utkarsh Welfare Foundation (UWF) has been working closely with the community to provide various products and services with the aim of empowering the underprivileged population. Since its inception in August 2010, the institution has made consistent efforts in various sectors such as Health, Financial Awareness, Skill Development, Micro Enterprise Training and Sustainable Livelihoods. UWF has made a meaningful and sustainable impact in the lives of the community through a multi thematic, service oriented market led approach. UWF interventions are focused on developing ideas and solutions that are based on deep understanding of the needs of low income households in remote and underserved areas.

From Chairman

Utkarsh Welfare Foundation (UWF) is a catalyst to development interventions that enhance wellbeing of poor and rural households for over a decade. With innovative program design at the core of its intervention strategy, Utkarsh is rapidly evolving its approach to maximize its outreach and intensify its impact. The institution has made sustained efforts in diversifying its interventions in the areas of health, financial awareness, skill development, micro enterprise training and sustainable livelihoods.

The foundation put efforts to understand the need of women beneficiaries in underserved and financially excluded geographies to gain access to financial education that helps to identify and address the gender barriers and knowhow in the financial decision-making processes at households. The objective of financial literacy programs is to provide women beneficiaries in microfinance sector with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and improve their lives.

Our Health Initiatives are beneficiary centric and aims to address the gaps that prevent access to quality health care for the underprivileged. Since its inception, UWF has catered to 1,77,268 people under its Regular Polyclinic and Mobile Van Polyclinic program. UWF has designed new health initiatives to meet the needs of the beneficiaries expanding its initiatives to mental health, diabetes awareness and women’s menstrual health. We believe in viable and sustainable models for delivering suitable health services to the last mile communities in close collaboration and partnerships with various health sector institutions.

UWF interventions are focused on developing ideas and solutions that are based on deep understanding of the needs of low - income households in remote and underserved areas. It has achieved this growth through a partnership oriented, multi thematic approach that focuses on identifying the needs of the Plan beneficiaries and designing interventions and partnerships which can potentially address these needs in the most sustainable manner.

UWF’s Village Development Programs (VDP) are designed through intensive engagement with the community members with the objective to provide multi themed products and services to cater to beneficiaries’ needs as described by them through self-sustaining delivery channels which are scalable.

In the past year UWF has doubled its outreach to over 4 lakh beneficiaries people through its multi themed interventions across multiple states in India through partnerships with various Government Organizations, Industry Leaders, Resource Organizations, Grass Root Entities and Innovative Entrepreneurs. Some notable models of co - creation in the past year were with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) - Poorest States Inclusive Growth Programme (PSIG), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Swiss Capacity Building Facility, Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), ACCION and Leading Health Service providers in our areas of intervention. We aim to launch our full - scale operations on a holistic multi themed Village Development Program within the next year. A knowledge repository of various capacity building modules and tools has been developed in each area of intervention based on experiential learning in the field and continued collaboration from industry and knowledge partners who are pioneers in their respective sectors.

Utkarsh Welfare Foundation has embarked on a new and successful journey towards sustainable strategies in improving access to Water and Sanitation. We have been instrumental in introducing a WASH Financing initiative which will provide loans to our Plan beneficiaries to access clean water and sanitation facilities.

The dynamism in UWF strategy has informed multiple participatory outreach which forms the foundation of an expertise which can be capitalized to both expand and intensify impact. Our future areas of priority shall be built on four important pillars such as compliance with the norms of Corporate Social Responsibility under Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, thematic alignment with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals & the Government’s National Priorities Agenda.

The coming year will see Utkarsh Welfare Foundation as a pioneering organisation with an expertise in innovative, locally relevant and self-sustaining solutions through diverse scalable and replicable models. With the strong partnerships and collaborations and with a dynamic and enthusiastic team, I am positive that we will continue to achieve scale while intensifying our interventions with the communities.